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How to Contact Us:

The company, an online entity based in cyberspace but also with an offline base, can be contacted either directly by sending an email to admin AT gambling-portal DOT com or by selecting one of the following of GP's employees.

Creative and Marketing Editor:

Jack Reider :
He is the Managing Editor (in charge not only of all the editing, and graphic design, but also finalizes all the different marketing ventures.). Jack also leads the editorial writing team that focus on all web creating efforts.

The Writers:

In all, Gambling Portal employs a large list of writers. Listed below are only some of the affluent ones:
  • Janice Windsor
  • Renaldo Micheals
  • Sharon Gerad
  • Joseph McNamarra
  • Rammy Johnson
  • Warne Madannisty
  • Collin Dowall
  • Cajetan Bosco
  • Ella Philipini
  • Nicolas Mirsha
  • Mia Palermos
  • Patty Stevens
  • Jerome Mendes
  • Ashton Jenkins
  • Rajesh Kumar
  • Misha Bolerikovsky
  • Jean Proveut
  • Lia Fernandes
  • Nicole Smith

Technical Problems

For all technical data or request, send your email to specifying exactly the problem. Please be as clear as possible. We don't mind reading long emails as long as we can get to the bottom of any feature that is either bothering you or that has stopped working.

Land Lines

For a specific amount of time, we had published the land lines of each of GP's employee's, but this brought on too many undesired calls. Thus, we regret to announce that we have had to remove these numbers from the online records. If you are not a prank caller, and if your request is genuine, GP guarantees that we will read it and reply, even if we cannot help you or if we have decided that your offer is not relevant to us at this proper time.

But, if in the rare occasion that your email request goes unanswered, GP apologizes in advance. Most probably what must have happened is that our spam blockers will have deleted your email thinking it is spam. If you don't receive a reply from us in a matter of days, please send another one (if possible using a different email account.). Please mention also that the email is not your first one, and we will get on to your request as soon as possible.

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