What Gambling Portal (GP) Does to Prevent Damage to the Earth

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GP and the Environment:

Gambling Portal is not just a portal for online casinos, but a venture that tries not to affect or harm in any way, method or manner the earth's environment by following strict regulations that utilize environment-friendly equipment.

How Can a Website be Economically Friendly?

By itself, it does not harm the environment because it is online, but once you take into consideration that someone somewhere is creating the site and someone else somewhere else is designing the web pages and that someone somewhere else is writing the content that will appear on those pages, it is not difficult to understand where the wastage could exceed normal standards.

What Does Gambling Portal DO?

Gambling Portal has made it a point to enforce the following rules and regulations on all its employees:
  • Waste Disposal:
    GP separates its waste into different packages: paper, glass, food and the rest. While it donates the paper to the civilian authorities so that they can use recycle it into usable paper, and the glass to a local glass foundry where the glass is put into a furnace and used to remake other items, GP recycles the food itself. GP has built a large storage system where it places all the leftovers and keeps it there until it is converted into compost. GP donates this compost to the National Forest Authorities which use it as fertilizer for the trees of our nation.
  • Recycled Goods:
    GP makes it a point to purchase only recycled goods such as paper, cardboards and other items made from previously used and disposed selections.
  • Donations:
    GP donates a portion of its income to a collection of local environmental groups that facilitate social co-operation leading to a better understanding of how we can save our planet.


GP commits itself (and has done so since its creation a few years back) to finding out new manners in which to conserve natural resources and other methods that are useful in implementing highly-innovative programs that are conducting relevant research in such areas of studies that will help conserve water, energy and other natural resources.

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