Having problems with Gambling Portal? Have a question about playing at online casinos? This FAQ list will provide you with some of the answers.

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FAQ List:

Most Frequent Questions and Answers: List of FAQs that you might want to ask and do not know whom to speak to or how to detail your request. Read the entire list here.
  1. I am from the United States. Can I still play at Online Casinos?
    Yes. But you have to seek out those online casinos that still allow you to do so. Note that many of the larger casinos have stopped accepting players from America because of the federal injunction prohibiting financial transfers of funds to online casinos and sportsbooks.

    Go to the list of casinos that still accept US players that Gambling Portal has compiled, if you wish. You will also be able to find others, but remember that the law doesn't forbid you playing there but forbids you transferring money. So, you have to check how that will be transferred.

  2. Can I trust online casinos to be fair?
    Yes. Just like regular casinos, the odds work in their favour. They have no need to cheat to make money. In addition, they know that if players spread the word that they are unfair, they will eventually be run out of business.

    If you wish to verify, check the software system they are using. If its by a respectable company such as Microsystems and PlayTech, you can be sure that the software is fare.

  3. What is Gambling Portal?
    We are an online entity created by a select group of friends. Wanting to elevate our own online gaming experience, we created this site primarily to share information and statistics among ourselves. Later on, we decided to take this process another step further and go pubic with our findings. To read more click here and find out everything about Gambling Portal.

  4. What game is the easiest to learn?
    Without a doubt I would have to say slots. A slot machine works on a very easy rule system. All you have to do is press a button or pull down a lever, and that game starts. You win or lose according to how the symbols match up to when the rings stop rotating.

  5. What game is the easiest to win?
    There is no one definite answer to this question. Many professional gamblers say that blackjack is the easiest game to win, but then there are those that say that slots is easier. But, from personal experience, I have to agree that blackjack is a game that with little skill, you can make quite a bundle.

  6. What game is the easiest to make money at?
    Here too, some will say slots and others will state blackjack, but I will have to go off the pack and state baccarat. This is the game that affords you the highest of odds, but you might not find it in every casino. They too that baccarat is a game where they will have to pay out money too often!

  7. What game requires the most amount of skill?
    Poker. You might have decided to visit a casino or an online casino just by watching one of the televised poker tournaments such as WPT or the EPT, and on there it looks very easy. But, out of all the games that casinos offer, poker is the most dependant on skill. Luck does play a part too, but I've know many poker pros to win with lousy cards. Before you do play this game or any one of the many versions such as Texas Holdem or Caribbean Stud, practice, practice and practice some more.

  8. What games do the casinos offer?
    This depends on which online casino you want to play at. Most offer table games such as blackjack, Red Dog poker and War but also machine games such as the different slot versions and jackpots including video poker. If you are looking for a particular game, enter the casino and look for the list of games they offer. Most online casinos display this list very prominently and it should be easy for you to find.

  9. I have a problem with the online casino. Can I ask you for help?
    Yes. We will try and sort out any difficulty between you and them, but to be frank it would be in your best interests to turn to one of the sites that focus on this such as Casino Meister.

  10. Why can't I download the software?
    When you click on download, sometimes your own computer's software blocks this from happening. Sometimes it's the blocker of Google sometimes it's the blocker of Internet Explorer. Just watch what happens when you click download. Most blockers will display a tiny additional toolbar right under your regular toolbars stating that a program has been blocked. Click on it to unlock the block.

  11. My question has not been answered her. What shall I do?
    That's easy. Contact Gambling Portal or mail one its managing editor, Jack Reider. We will be glad to sort out any quandary you have run into.

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