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Progressive Slot Machines Guide: How to Hit the Big Jackpot

by Misha Bolerikovsky
( October 26 2008 11:58:0 )
Here you can learn all about progressive jackpot slot machines including explanations on the different types of machines and useful tips and advice.

The huge progressive jackpot is the wet dream of every slots player. It does not help to know that the odds of hitting the big progressive slot machine prize are as low as winning the lottery. As long as there the option of pulling the slot machine handle and hitting an over million dollars jackpot, the hope still exists.

Hitting the progressive slot jackpot, like winning any other type of slot machine is simply a matter of luck. If you will be lucky enough, you could be winning the life changing jackpot. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you any strategy or a secret system that would help you get there. However, learning about the different types of progressive slot machines would help you choose the best progressive machines to play.

The progressive jackpot is created by a percentage taken from the money played in the slot machines. It means that each time you play in a progressive slot machine, a certain percentage of your money goes to the jackpot. It also means that for that reason, progressive slot machines offer lower payback percentage.

Note that this fact is valid on the wide area progressive machines, which offer huge jackpots but rather low payback percentage. In the stand alone progressive slot machines, also known as individual progressive machines, the payback percentage is usually the same as in slot machines of the same denomination. On the other hand, its jackpot is not the type that would change your life forever, assuming you hit it.

The proprietary progressive machines, also known as in house, are a group of slot machines linked together and operated by the same gaming company. They can be placed either at the same property or in several casinos owned by the same company. You have better odds of hitting this progressive jackpot, but it hardly sums up to the amounts of the jackpot you are fantasying about. 

The largest progressive jackpots are offered by the wide area machines. The progressive jackpot is made by hundreds of slot machines in different casinos, which are linked together and operated by an outside company. The wide areas jackpot usually resets at 10,000 dollars and it can get as high as several million dollars.

The wide areas progressive slot machines then, produce the highest jackpot of all. However, before deciding how to spend the winning money, bear in mind that the odds of hitting the big jackpot are extremely low and that the payback percentage is lower since a certain percentage of each of the players bets is added to the progressive jackpot.

The bottom line is that the larger the jackpot the lower the odds of hitting it. However, it does not come to say that should not try your luck. You should, but when you do, be aware that whether you would win or not, is simply a matter of luck. Therefore, do not spend your entire bankroll while waiting for the jackpot to hit. Instead, limit in advance the amount of money and time you intend to spend in front of the progressive slot machine and never forget that your main purpose should be to have fun!

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