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How To Play Red Dog Poker

by Jack Reider
( June 30 2009 16:55:41 )
Red Dog Poker is also known as Yablon. The word Yablon means “in the middle of the sheets” or “in between the sheets”. This is one of the variants of Ace-Deuce. The confusion began with Americans calling this game as Red Dog. The confusion is because there was a game known as Red Dog, but that was not Yablon.

This game has been around in the casinos of Nevada, Las Vegas since1980.  The game can be played with just one deck consisting of 52 cards or it can be played with multiple decks.  Since you are not going to be competing between players


The difference in the values of the cards forms the basis of this game.  This is very similar to the spread concept in Forex.  The number of cards that is there between two cards is known as spread in Red Dog Poker.


Card Rankings:  Jack is valued 11, Queen is 12, King is 13 and Ace is 14, the rest of the cards 2 to 10 are taken at face value.


Spread in Red Dog Poker:  The spread between two cards 4 and J is 6, because the numbers missing between the numbers 4 and J are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  About 6 numbers can fill in the missing series from 4 to J therefore the spread is 6 for cards 4 and J.  The lower the spread, the higher will be the payout for the card.


The Goal of Betting:  The goal of betting in this game is to bet on whether the next card that will be dealt will be one of the numbers, which will fit in between the two cards, which have been already dealt.


Tie:  If the two cards which are being dealt in the beginning for a hand do not have any cards in between then the hand is a push or a tie.  This is because the lack of spread does not give any room to play the third card.  Remember, the third card is played for the bet that the value will be of for one of the cards that fit in between the series, which can be made with the cards which were primarily dealt.


Conditions for Bets:  Once you have made your bet you cannot withdraw it.  You can make a call or raise of the bets when the bet is being made for the third card to be dealt.


Against who is the game played?  The game is played against the house; it is not played against other players in the game.


Who are dealt with the cards?  Neither the player nor the dealer is dealt with cards.  All of them are dealt as community cards; the players just place their bets.   Two cards are initially placed in the center and then the third card is dealt to make for the spread betting.


The game proceeds:

  • All the players who are participating in the game will be placing their primary bets in the table.
  • Two community cards are dealt in the center of the table.
  • The spread is calculated for the two cards; however, if there is no spread, then the hand is a push.
  • In events of a push the bets are returned.
  • In cases where the two cards are of the same value, then a third card is dealt. If the third card is also of the same value then all the players who have made their bets are declared to be winners; however, if the third card is a different card then the hand is considered to be a push and the bets are returned.
  • If the first two cards are with a spread then another betting round is initiated for the third card and the bet can be either a call or a raise.  The third card is dealt after that and the payoffs are made accordingly.

Different payouts are made for different spreads.   Suits are immaterial in Red Dog Poker.  Being a house based game this is not clean poker per poker puritans; however, like any other game of poker you have to deal in this game with appropriate strategies.


The normal pay offs might differ between sites; however, an optimum pay back strategy is 1:1 for spread 4 to 11; 2:1 for spread 3; 4:1 for spread 2;  and 5:1 for spread 1.  The lower the spread the better the pay; and, the highest pay will be where all the three cards are of the same value!

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