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Las Vegas: Why You Should Take Your Kids to Vegas

by Jack Reider
( August 24 2008 17:24:0 )
Las Vegas might not sound as the ideal destination for a family on holidays. However, the amount of kid-friendly hotels in Vegas is much bigger than that of other holiday destinations. This, along with parks, recreational and party places and kid-friendly restaurants, makes of Las Vegas an ideal place to spend a family holiday knowing that all members of the family will enjoy it their own way.

Here are some ideas on how to spend a wonderful day in Las Vegas with your children:

  • After a healthy breakfast take your kids to the swimming pool. Most hotels in Las Vegas have splendid facilities including a good variety of swimming pools for different ages. The personnel of the hotel will take good care of your kids while you sunbath or have a refreshment.


  • After such an active morning your kids will be starving and you will not have to struggle to make them eat. Besides, kid-friendly hotels offer attractive and healthy menus for the smallest ones. In case your child follows a special diet, you just need to notify it at the reception upon your arrival.


  • Most kids resist to the idea of having a nap after lunch - especially when they are on vacation. Do not take it hard on them. Do not forget that you are on holidays and need to relax. Take them to the child care center of the hotel you stay at. They will play fun games and hang out with other children.


  • Las Vegas is a fantastic place to walk around. Your children will be fascinated at the shining lights and busy atmosphere of the streets. The activities offered are so many that you will find it difficult to choose among them. From shows to kid stores, museums, local excursions, sporting events… The whole family can enjoy a wonderful holiday together.


  • Another way to spend an afternoon in Las Vegas is taking your children to centers that offer activities for children. They can choose among golf courses, martial arts, computer labs, jogging tracks, kick boxing, cheerleading and much more. Your kids will be delighted at that idea and it will be a great opportunity for you to take a look around as a couple and relax a little bit.


  • Where to go for dinner? Well, Las Vegas has a vast variety of restaurants of all types. More than 100 are kid-friendly and offer the right atmosphere and menus for children. You can also surprise your kids and take them to one of the special picnic areas at Lorenzi.


  • When you go back to the hotel, you might be craving for some casino action. Do not worry. Depending on the age of your kids you can leave them at the childcare center or game areas of your hotel or to special areas dedicated to arcade games. They will love it. They will be constantly supervised by qualified personnel.


  • Putting your children to sleep will be as easy as ever. After such a dynamic day they will be exhausted, happy and ready to spend another wonderful day in the fascinating city of Las Vegas.


Most important, do not forget that the best way to enjoy your holidays is to relax and try to organize compatible activities for the whole family also giving each member his own space and time every day.


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