Learn where and how you can tie the knot in the glamorous city of Las Vegas making your wedding into something definately unique and romantic.

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Want to Get Married in Las Vegas?

Enter to learn how to pick the right marriage location for you according to the type of wedding you wish for and according to the kind of guests you are expecting.

The City of Holy Matrimony:

Have you ever thought of what it's like to get married and not have to deal with the invitations, wedding band, catering, bridesmaids and all the other zillion piles of baggage that a wedding comes with? Well did you know that Nevada, you can get married in a matter of hours? Now you can understand why Las Vegas is considered the first city of holy matrimony.

What Do They Offer?:

Las Vegas weddings have something to offer for every different couple. Just for $25 you can married at a drive up window. You can sky dive as you exchange your vows. You can have a themed wedding and dress up as your favorite character. Of course, you can get married at your standard wedding chapel.


These days, the expenses of a standard wedding can be up to $20,000! A couple can enjoy a dinner reception, music, guests, flowers and limos for just a fraction of a regular wedding. That's why there are more then 200,000 thousand couples tying the knot in Las Vegas and the numbers are growing.

Wedding Packages:

Weddings in Las Vegas come with packages that you buy. So you arrange the flowering, photography and even the reception. You just have to chose where you want to get married.

Casino Weddings:

Casinos are a huge part of Las Vegas and because weddings are as well, most casinos offer wedding packages. Casino Weddings will do everything to please the couple. So literally, your wish is their command. If you desire the wedding of your dreams, the casino's wedding planner will do everything they can to make your dream come true. Just make sure you book ahead of time.


Las Vegas Wedding Chapels are generally very inexpensive and they are the fastest way to get hitched. For a small fee the wedding chapel will take care of all the arrangements. The service is usually no more then a half an hour.

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, in order to get married you need a marriage license from the courthouse and they cost $50. The cost of a Las Vegas Wedding can vary; it all depends on the wedding package you purchase. A Las Vegas wedding can be anywhere from less then $150 to $8,000.


Not in every Las Vegas marriage will you find yourself getting married by an Elvis impersonator, unless that's your preference. You can have the wedding of your dreams in Las Vegas; just make sure that it's with the person you really love.

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