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The GP Editorial Team Selects:

Welcome to this special portion of Gambling Portal that highlights the likes, dislikes and quality recommendations of the entire Editorial Team. Browse through our list of major educational and research web entities that we have collected from each of Gambling Portal's team members.

How Was the List Created?

Beginning with Jack Reider, but not only him, Sharmila Pundit, Sharon Gerad, Ella Phillipini, Joseph McNamarra, Renaldo Micheals, Janice Windsor, Warne Madannisty, Ash Bisterre and Collin Dowall all took part in a team effort that helped create this list that points to those places which offer ground-breaking articles and new research studies. They hope that by posting such pages, visiting game players will be able to find the information which they, for whatever reason, could not find on Gambling Portal.

Initial Scrutiny:

These sites were collected according to the following process:
  1. Each member of the team proposed twenty sites in a long list of categories.
  2. All the suggestions were checked for multiple entries and then one long list was created.
  3. To this final list, all those sites that asked us to mention them was also added.
  4. Each member was given the list and was asked to vote for each site from 1-10. The person that suggested the site could not vote for that site.
  5. All the scores were added and then a final list was compiled.
  6. Out of this final list, the sites that appear on this page were selected at a team meeting where every team member had their say. Their decision is final.

Want Us to Add Your Suggestion?

Send us your tips or ideas which ones we should point to and we will consider your requests. Send them to our email at info @

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