Read about Jack Reider, the professional gambler as well as editor of Gambling Portal, his exploits and personal BIO.

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Jack Reider:

Personal Information:

Personal Status: Married + 2
Address: Texas, USA
Date of Birth: 9 September, 1968
Email: j.reider @ (remove blank spaces)


BA in Classical Literature
MA in Classical Literature
PHD (ongoing) in Classical Literature

Gambling Experience:

Jack started his gambling experience at bingo halls, where his mother, Janice, used to go every Monday night. At first, she never allowed him to take part, but Jack kept insisting until she finally agreed. Luck was on his side and he won a line on his first game. Though the prize money was a modest ten dollars, it was enough to pull Jack, the young and eager bingo gambler, in.

He kept going with his mother to the games, but eventually, he understood that bingo is based a lot on luck and less on gambling skills. Seeking other games, he began to play poker, blackjack and rummy.

At first, Jack faired horribly, and he kept losing all his money at card games. But then, slowly as he began to pay a lot more attention to the cards, his skill at predicting the next card grew and he began to break even and then win big and bigger prize pots.

Then, Jack learned about online gambling. Though, weary at first, Jack soon got pulled into these online games and he began to prefer the online version where he could play alone and could concentrate.

Jack Reider, though as yet unknown, decided not to take part in the tournaments and the such for a number of reasons but the most important of them being that he wishes to gain recognition as an expert on the Roman Period between Caesar's death and Augustus and he feels that if he wins any tournament, his academic prowess might take a back seat.

Jack plays for fun and doesn't need to gamble to make money. He makes his money elsewhere. But, Jack is an avert gambling fan and as one he decided to create a website that would explore the online gambling world for the rest of the anonymous players wishing to have fun too.

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