Finding things that are fun for the kids and for the parents can be difficult.

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For Parents: What is There to Do for Kids

What is there to do is a section where parents can read about what the casinos have to offer for their kids while they are at the casino, poolside or maybe playing a few rounds of Golf.

Read Reviews of Activities for Your Children at the following casinos:
  • Circus Circus
  • Red Rock Casino
  • The Orleans


Now that school is out for the summer many parents are looking forward to a nice summer family vacation, but where can you go that will be fun for you and for the kids as well. This is why we at have decided to start the "What is there to do" section.

In this section my nephew who I like to call Shorty, who is 7 and I will travel the country for the summer going from casino to casino and review all the things the different Casinos offer for kids.

Things such as what casinos have day care for small kids, and what activities do they offer for older kids? Is the day care center licensed? These are things parents need to know before they can leave their kids alone with strangers. These are also things parents need to know before they can plan a trip.

Most of this information can probably be found on the Casinos web sites, but Shorty and I will travel to these Casinos and give you a complete review of how the staff treats the kids, the facilities, what foods do they provide for the kids or if you need to provide food for them and what activities they have for the kids to do.

Our goal is to let parents know there are places to go on this Planet, where they can enjoy their vacation and can rest with the knowledge that the whole family will enjoy themselves as well.

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