My and my Nephews day at Circus Circuscasino and amusment park.

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Circus Circus Through the Eyes of a Child:

Welcome to the first review in the new Gambling with Kids section of casino reviews.

Today Shorty and I are in Las Vegas Nevada at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

What They Do NOT Have

After checking in I started looking at the brochures for what I was told is the best casino to take children to, but the problem is that there are lots of things to do for kids but no one to watch them but you. I had expected for there to be some type of daycare of summer day camp like things for them to do here, but I was wrong.

What They Do Have

  • Circus Circus Casino Adventuredome Theme Park:
    The first thing Shorty wanted to do was go to the Circus Circus Casino Adventuredome Theme Park. Wow this place is like a mini heaven for kids. They had all sorts of rides and my Nephew wanted to ride them all. He is a big Thomas the train fan and the first ride he went on was the Miner Mike. It is just a small little train ride that goes around a miniature village. After that I there was no stopping him he ran from one ride to another. Then after he rode everything he wanted to (some rides more then once) after the Adventuredome we decided to go to Midway.
  • Midway:
    Midway is the Circus Circus Casinos version of the boardwalk, where you can find all the normal boardwalk county fair type amusement games and the arcade. So after I won him half a dozen stuffed animals and south park figures he wanted to eat.
  • The Circus Circus Buffet:
    So we decided to go to the Circus buffet. It has always been my opinion that a Buffet is a great place to take a child, even the pickiest of eaters can find something at a buffet.
  • Circus Acts:
    Then after a short rest we decided to go to the Circus acts and we saw the clowns and the tumblers and the trapeze artists doing there things he loved it.


At this point it was actually almost 10pm and he was tired. This is where the day ended for both of us. I could not go to the casino and enjoy myself because someone needed to stay with him, but that's ok I'll keep my money for another day.

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