Shorties Where to Play Review of Kids Quest day Care Center.

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Kid Quest Day Care at the Red Rock Casino: Shorties Review

Today Shorty will be writing a review on the Kids Quest day care facility at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas Nevada for

The 1st Thing I Noticed:

The first thing I noticed when we entered the Kids Quest day care center was this huge floor to ceiling climbing maze thing. It had tunnels ramp nets and everything you need to give a child a great time playing and getting exercise at the same time.

Left Alone:

After filling out the paper work and paying the small fee. My Uncle left to go spend some of's money at blackjack or Roulette or something.

When he got back 3 hours latter to pick him me I was exhausted, the lady in charge told my uncle I was great, but that I did not want to do anything else but play on the Play Center, but what is strange about that I love to climb on stuff and I love slides.

Why Would a Grownup Like It?

One thing my Uncle definitely liked was that snack time was covered in the price of the day care they did not try to charge him extra for the little bit of juice and cookies they gave me.


All in all he said I had a great time and it nearly broke my heart when he explained to me that we cant go back tomorrow, but that we would be going to another place. God I hope I like this next place as much as I liked the Kids Quest at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino.

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