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Casino News
Las Vegas USA Online Casino Celebrating 10th Anniversary
by Jack Reider ( November 8 2009 15:36:0 )

Celebrations ideally include interesting bonuses as a mark of happiness and thanks given to players who have kept the site up and alive for so long and also as a method to bring in new players to the casino. The Anniversary is a mark of reliability, which is indeed a record of having been in business for so many years.  A decade in the business is really a good reason for celebration and a good method of advertising the reliability of one’s business. Las Vegas USA Casino are providing their players with 5 cash-able bonuses that are worthy of $2250! They are also providing with weekly promotions which is 30% on the first deposit of the players.  Some of them who make their deposi...

British Columbia Government Casino Has Made Losing Easier
by Jack Reider ( September 15 2009 11:50:36 )

The higher limit permitted before was just $120. To lose $9,999 by playing $120 per week would take someone a whole year and a half, which is nearly 18 months +.  Now after the new limit, it is possible for someone to loose the gambling revenue they might otherwise use for 18 months in just 7 days in a week! The increment of the bets is going to be a probable threat to problem gamblers who are going to bet recklessly and put their families in to concern.  B.C.'s minister states that the hike in the limits was to enable players to be able to bet in more and this in turn is a method to keep the gambling revenues within the country.  Rather than allowing the revenues to go out...

King Solomons Casino Updates Slots
by Jack Reider ( September 10 2009 20:1:58 )

The King Solomons Casino has updated their slots collection of games with 10 new themes.  This is going to add up to the excitement of the slots lovers there in the site. This is considered to be a plus in attracting more slots lovers. The new addition of the slots themes consist of the Panther Moon. This slots game is based on a jungle theme.  Ever since the addition of this game to their portfolio, this particular slots machine has attracted a major number of hits from their players, in turn, contributing to the profit table of the King Solomon Casino. The latest winners for these themes of games were Favin K. from South Africa and Alex G. of Canada.  Favin K. from South A...

Golden Casino Jackpots Delayed- Big Money for Future Winner
by Joseph McNamarra ( August 27 2009 15:16:33 )

Well, it is not uncommon for progressive slots and related jackpots to be delayed in their payouts for some reason or the other; either because they are trying to make the money pool big or for some other reasons of trying to earn the name of being the casino that has provided with the highest jackpot ever.  This was very common with progressive jackpots that would pay millions.  Now, it is with the Golden Casino. For some, it is a bad news because they expected the split and sharing and winner declaration soon; however, for those who have not played the sufficient coins it can be good news, because they can try playing over again. The delay can mean another chance and of course m...

How To Play Red Dog Poker
by Jack Reider ( June 30 2009 16:55:41 )

This game has been around in the casinos of Nevada, Las Vegas since1980.  The game can be played with just one deck consisting of 52 cards or it can be played with multiple decks.  Since you are not going to be competing between players   The difference in the values of the cards forms the basis of this game.  This is very similar to the spread concept in Forex.  The number of cards that is there between two cards is known as spread in Red Dog Poker.   Card Rankings:  Jack is valued 11, Queen is 12, King is 13 and Ace is 14, the rest of the cards 2 to 10 are taken at face value.   Spread in Red Dog Poker:  The spread between two cards 4 and J is 6, because the numbers missing between the numbers 4 and J are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  About 6 numbers can fill in the missing series from 4 to J therefore the spread is 6 for cards 4 and J.  The lower the spread, the higher will be the payout for the card.   The Goal of Bettin...

Progressive Slot Machines Guide: How to Hit the Big Jackpot
by Misha Bolerikovsky ( October 26 2008 11:58:0 )

The huge progressive jackpot is the wet dream of every slots player. It does not help to know that the odds of hitting the big progressive slot machine prize are as low as winning the lottery. As long as there the option of pulling the slot machine handle and hitting an over million dollars jackpot, the hope still exists. Hitting the progressive slot jackpot, like winning any other type of slot machine is simply a matter of luck. If you will be lucky enough, you could be winning the life changing jackpot. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you any strategy or a secret system that would help you get there. However, learning about the different types of progressive slot machines would help you choose the best progressive machines to play. The progressive jackpot is created by a percentage taken from the money played in the slot machines. It means that each time you play in a progressive slot machine, a certain percentage of your money goes to the jackpot. It also means that for that rea...

Seven Card Stud Poker: Strategy Tips
by Jack Reider ( October 20 2008 13:43:0 )

In seven card stud, the same as in any other poker variation, you decide how to play according to the knowledge you have on your opponents hands. But unlike Texas Holdem and Omaha, for example, where the community cards provides sufficient information to estimate the value of your hand comparing to your opponents hands, in seven card stud, since each player is dealt seven cards, the situation is more complicated. However, once you master seven card stud strategy, your odds would improve significantly and you will be able to enjoy one of the most challenging and exciting poker variations available. Here are some seven card stud strategy tips to begin with: At the same time you are looking at your cards and trying to appreciate your odds, take a look on your opponents face up cards and try to estimate their opportunities. Do not hesitate to fold if you cannot stand a chance in front of your opponents face up cards When a card that can help you improve your hand is at your opponents...

How to Protect Yourself from Losing it All Gambling
by Collin Dowall ( September 23 2008 19:33:0 )

The problem is that most people win up chasing that rush until it becomes an obsession and eventually puts you in the poor house. Here I have come up with some simple to follow rules to help you avoid the dangers of gambling addiction. The first and most important rule is to ONLY gamble for fun. If you are doing it for any other reason you are at risk of becoming a danger to yourself. Gambling is not a way to pay off debt. 3ven though some professionals so make a very good living gambling, chances are you are just going to wind up further in debt and the proud owner of a gambling addiction. Try not to over do your time in the casinos. Play for a bit then take a break. By setting a limit on the time you will play at any one time you can help yourself. If you are losing sometimes what you need is some time away from the table. Just getting away for 15 or 20 minutes to go for a walk and get some fresh air can often have amazing results. I will often make plans for dinner or a show, this...

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