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Man gets 20 Years for Robbing Three Montana Casinos

by Jack Reider
( August 31 2008 14:24:0 )
A Man from Billings Montana was called a menace to society on Friday by the district Judge, Ingrid Gustafson, before she sentenced him to jail for three casino robberies.

Stephen John Englert, 33 was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 10 years suspended after being found guilty of robbing the Nickels casino, the Nickel Ante and Doc and Eddy's casino. The robberies all took place back in January of 2006.

The sentence included a stipulation that before he can be released on Parole he must successfully complete a drug rehabilitation program. He also agreed to drop an appeal me had with the Montana Supreme Court and pay back the $1,400 he stole in the robberies

This is Englert's second time going to jail for casino robbery. The first time he used a BB gun to rob some local casino employees. The judge said she did not have much fait that he would be rehabilitated and that was why she was handing out such a harsh sentence.

When asked by the Judge if Englert had anything to say on his behalf before he was sentenced and all he had to say was he was sorry and he apologized to the community.

The arrest took place on January, 30th, 2006. He was caught right after he robbed the Nickels Casino. He was originally charged with 2 counts of felony robbery and latter a 3rd charge was added by the prosecutor. He was also suspected of two other casino robberies, but there was not enough evidence to charge him with them.

Back in April, when Englert went on trial for one of the robberies, but the 2nd case was declared a mistrial after the judge disqualified the prosecutor's main witness for being part of two different cases involving Englert.

Latter on during the first case Englert admitted guilt in all three robberies as part of the plea barging he made with the prosecutor.



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