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Atlantic City Casinos Cutting Back on Free Comps

by Joseph McNamarra
( August 24 2008 17:21:0 )
Atlantic City Casinos cut back on free comps to save money in bad economy.

It used to be that all you had to do was have a players card, which you get for free, and spend $100 dollars on the slots and you would get a free room from that casino, but today things are not so free.

Everyone knows that the Slot Machines are the big money machine for the casinos, and the casinos used to take care of their regular slots players with free food and free rooms to bring them back week after week. Now Atlantic City is losing many of its slot players to Pennsylvania casinos, and is cutting back on freebies for those who remain loyal to them.

Pennsylvania has casinos dedicated solely to slot machines. Some players have gone to Indian casinos that still allow smoking on the casinos floor. These are two of the reasons why the casinos of Atlantic City have had to save the freebies for their higher rollers who do not play the slots. Another reason for their cost cutting moves is due to the high price of gas. Many people are choosing to take their vacations at home instead of an expensive drive to the New Jersey shore to hit the casinos.

These moves are hopefully temporary and the casinos hope to return things to normal as soon as the economy recovers and things go back to the way they were.

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