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Bikers Bring Toys for the Needy

by Nicolas Mirsha
( December 16 2008 13:10:35 )
Motorcyclists donate tens of thousands of gifts for local children to bring them some joy in time for Christmas.

For nearly 30 years now thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts have been clogging the roads of Tulsa Okalahoma to bring toys to kids in need of some Christmas Cheer. The run is not only a chance to go on a run and be part of a large group of bikes, it is also an opportunity to give back to the community by giving to Toys for Tots.

According to the local Police 4,000 bikes and about 10,000 bikers and other people came to take part in the 29th ABATE (A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments) toy run. The run began at the Tulsa Fairgrounds and ended at the Creek nation Casino. According to SGT Skipper Bain "it was a non stop flow of Motorcycles".

According to Mike Bruno, a co founder of ABATE Tulsa, 10,000 people was an unbelievable turnout especially if you consider that nearly 30 years ago when they started this they had about 35 participants.

 Donations were monitored by Marine Cpl. Casey Jardot, 25, of Bartlesville and Sgt. Adam Carlson, 24.

Last years donations brought in 12,000 toys and in 2006 30,000 toys were collected but this year donations were expected to at least meet previous year's donations.

After the run the Creek nation Casino was closed to the public and was opened exclusively for those who participated by making a donation.

According to Jenny Cross, the casino Marketing Director, this was the larges event at the casino ever, and that this event was for such a good cause it was all they could do to thank those who took part in helping bring a smile to kids who would not have gotten anything for Christmas without their generosity.

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