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Added Bonuses at Arizona Indian Casinos

by Joseph McNamarra
( September 22 2008 13:15:0 )
Arizona's Indian Casinos have decided to give players more comps to attract players to the casinos.

It has recently been reported that casinos in Atlantic City New Jersey has been cutting back on free comps handed out to players in hope to keep their numbers from dropping drastically, but Arizona's casinos have decided to take a different approach by giving more to their casino visitors.

Some heads of business get stressed out during a slow economy, but for casino executives it’s a reason for them to come up with ideas to help bring more fun and excitement to the casino.

One of the new perks they will be giving to their loyal customers is more bonuses and comps for players with player cards. The casinos are also adding many new restaurants in the high, middle and low price ranges, and adding more free bus rides to the casinos from the surrounding areas, for those who do not have a rid to the casino.

According to the Executive Director of the Arizona Indian Gaming Association, Sheila Morago, "We compete with other entertainment venues - the other steakhouses, other places that have live entertainment," she also said that there is no doubd that casino gambling is lots of fun, but most players will not sit and gamble for 5 or 6 hours, so casinos have to have more then just a great casino to draw in new players and keep their players coming back.

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