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British Columbia Government Casino Has Made Losing Easier

by Jack Reider
( September 15 2009 11:50:36 )
The maximum limit for betting per player has been extended to $9,999 per week and this means that you can lose so much money per week if you do not play properly or if chance does not favor you for the week. Several of them are grumbling over the squandering plans of the corporation.

The higher limit permitted before was just $120. To lose $9,999 by playing $120 per week would take someone a whole year and a half, which is nearly 18 months +.  Now after the new limit, it is possible for someone to loose the gambling revenue they might otherwise use for 18 months in just 7 days in a week!

The increment of the bets is going to be a probable threat to problem gamblers who are going to bet recklessly and put their families in to concern. 

B.C.'s minister states that the hike in the limits was to enable players to be able to bet in more and this in turn is a method to keep the gambling revenues within the country.  Rather than allowing the revenues to go out of the country, they have done it in a way to stay within the country. This was the kind of justification for the deal.

Such an attempt is for sure going to put lot of them in to trouble; however, if the BC is not going to do it, then there are several companies who do not have any limit at all operating from offshore, and players are going to go there for sure.  Those who are going to lose are going to loose somewhere.  The B.C is trying to tap the loss to have it stay within the country! It is Good and very bad at the same time.


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