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Two Woman Busted trying to Pass Forged Check at Casino

by Joseph McNamarra
( November 5 2008 13:10:0 )
Two women from Oregon were arrested last night after they tried to cash a forged check in a Kennewick casino.

Crystal Credile 24 years old attempted to cash a check at Coyote Bob's Casino in Kennewick and after the cashier refused to cash the check Credile immediately headed for the casinos exit. Police later found her hiding in the parking lot of the casino.

Later on Police made an arrest of Tracy McConnell who was in possession of the stolen check book that the check Credile had been attempting to cash had come from. She was also arrested for driving without a license and possession of Crystal Meth

The casinos cashier sad that it was easy to tell the check had been faked the erasure marks were clear as day and the printing they used was a different font and color then the original. According to the casino manager, Raelynn Gallegos the check was and obvious fake that anyone would have spotted.

The casinos manager has said this is the first incident like this to take place at the casino.

Officers are investigating how the woman came to be in possession of the check book

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