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Four Day Old Casino Catches First Cheaters

by Jack Reider
( November 30 2008 17:44:44 )
The Snoqualmie Casino had only been open for four days before they caught their first cheaters. Three men have been arrested for trying to cheat the casino out of money.

The Police are charging Jorge A Acosta, Jose Peralta Yapor and Marcos Peynada with first degree cheating and could face up to 5 years in prison each. The men were arrested on November 10th and the Snoqualmie Casino had just opened up on November 6th

The three men are suspected as acting as distractions for other players who have not yet been identified. Their job was to distract the dealer and block security cameras from seeing the real cheating going on at the table, according to the King Country Sheriff's Department.

Unfortunately for them the casinos security staff quickly realized what was going on and put an end to their cheating

The scam was for the men to switch $1 roulette chips for $25 chips. Roulette chips are unlike regular casino chips. Players are assigned a color of chip and set the amount for the chips when they are purchased.

Someone involved in the scam would buy $1 chips and a different player in the scam would buy the same color chips for $25. The player with the $1 chips would then slip his chips to the player with the $25 chips who would then cash in the $1 chips for $25 each.

The cheaters were at it for less then an hour when they were discovered and it is estimated they managed to steal about $1,500.

The tree men arrested are all from New York. Two of them men are out of jail on bail while Peralta Yapor was still being held by the police.
The investigation is still open and police are hoping to find the other people involved in this scam.


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