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Pennsylvania Casino Mistake Could Cost them 29 Million

by Warne Madannisty
( December 7 2008 12:31:59 )
A Pennsylvania casino was shocked to find out that 55 thousand letters had been sent out inviting players to come and play $500 in free slot machine credits. The casino is still investigating how the mistake was made.

The Hollywood Casino at the Pennsylvania National Race Course called all 55,000 recipients of the accidental mailing to inform them of the mistake and to let them know that since this was a mistake the offer would not be valid but since an offer was made that it would be partially accepted.

The error was first reported on Local TV news. It was reported that many people had showed up at the casino on December first, which is when the offer was supposed to begin.

A spokesman for the casino told reporters that the casinos offer had been $100 in credits for the slot machines each week between December 1st and January 4th and 2 free trips to the casinos buffet. The new offer being offered was a one time $100 for the slot machines and the 2 free buffet visits as long as they are redeemed before Christmas.

The Spokesman said that the mistake had been made at a direct mailing business. The mailings were supposed to be sent to 1000 of the casinos most active customers. The spokesman did not name the direct mailing business.

"What we don't know is how it occurred, why it occurred, and we don't want to speculate until we hear back from them exactly what happened," he said. "Rather than say, 'Sorry, it was an error,' we've said, 'Sorry, let's try to come up with what we think is a reasonable redemption plan.'"

If everyone who had received the mailing came into the casino for 5 weeks in a row to redeem their $100 dollars and their 2 trips to the buffet it would cost the casino over 29 million dollars. They are hoping that the admission of a mistake and still agreeing to give customers something instead of nothing will stop anyone from insisting on the offer that was mailed to them.

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