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NJ Casino Smoking Ban in Question

by Jack Reider
( October 7 2008 11:31:0 )
Atlantic City May postpone or cancel the ban on smoking in casinos scheduled to begin on October 15th.

In just over a week the casinos in Atlantic City are supposed to go 100 percent smoke free, but the ban may be temporarily on hold according to resent speculations.

The Atlantic City city council will be discussing if the ban on smoking is a good move right now with the casinos already losing money every month due to the poor economy.

The current law allows for smoking on no more then 25 percent of the casino floor, but many non smoking patrons and workers rights groups complain because the smoke does not know to not go into the rest of the casino and players and casino employees are forced to breath in second hand smoke.

The casinos are arguing that if this law is allowed to go into effect then a large group of its patrons will head to casinos in Pennsylvania or Connecticut where smoking is still allowed in the casino.

New Jersey uses the taxes from the casinos for schools, and many social programs that may be affected negatively by this ban on smoking.

The meeting is due to take place today, and many hope they will be able to announce their decision by the end of the day.

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