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Casinos Inconsiderate to the Handicapped

by Rammy Johnson
( August 26 2008 19:32:0 )
Even though New Jersey law requires all casinos to be wheelchair accessible, apparently the law is not enough.

All of New Jerseys casinos are accessible to those people stuck in a wheelchair, but that does not mean they can get to the games. May table games and slot machines are not accessible to the handicapped in wheelchairs because of their height or in the case of the slot machines they have a chair bolted to the floor in front of them.

The seats in front of the slot machines can be removed to make it easier to move the machines, and if you can flag down a maintenance person they will usually remove the seat. The problem is that there is still a six inch tall pipe that sticks out of the ground stopping wheelchairs from getting in front of the machines so someone can play the machine. If you are able to get from your wheelchair to the provided seat there is no place to stick the wheelchair that is out of other people's way.

Some casinos do have places for people who can get out of their wheelchairs to stick them while they are sitting at a slot machine, but they always in an out of the way place or someone is sitting in it.

Casinos manage to have enough restaurants to make sure your every desire can be met, but they seem to be unable to take the handicapped into consideration.  They should have enough sense to make some table games that are a bit lower and have a few slot machines with no chairs for the handicapped or people who would just prefer to stand while playing.

It would seem that in an industry so heavily regulated someone would take the time to take the handicapped into account when putting the casinos together.


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