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Casinos Alarmed By Problem Gambler Laws

by Jack Reider
( March 3 2009 16:13:8 )
The problem gambler regulation law is likely to cause a downfall to the casino businesses in Australia.

Tougher measures imposed on problem gamblers is probably going to make it difficult for the casino gambling industry to suffer a set back in consideration with other conditions already sweeping the industry per Skycity Casino

The Independent Gambling Authority is making an inquiry before arriving at a decision about things that can be done to prevent problem gambling.  This inquiry is about the banning of the problem gamblers from specific sites and it was held in Adelaide.

The inquiry relates to considering facts correlating investigations about whether biometric or smart card technology might be operable in a way to keep problem gamblers away from gaming venues. The smart cards should be programmed and be managed by limitation protocols set up on the casino spending with the smart cards for the gamblers.

However, the SkyCity Casino believes that such kinds of tougher controls is in many ways going to impose threats on the revenue which they will make from gamblers, thereby bringing in a lot of decline to the Adelaide casino business.

In its inquiry submission, they argue over the idea of a compulsory regulatory system for problem gamblers which will be an inappropriate response to gambling concerns across the state.

The casino in fact is already meeting up with strict penalties if even a single barred gambler will be permitted to play in a site.

It is stressing a lot on the flexibility in approaches to deal with problem gamblers and they state that the existent penalties might truly cause unfair results and also that it has the risk of jeopardizing the license of the casino. Also, they stress that the minimum three-month ban on problem gamblers should also be revised to something light.

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