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Casino Cheats Caught by Police

by Joseph McNamarra
( September 7 2008 18:30:0 )
A man accused of paying off dealers to help him cheat was arrested on Thursday by Connecticut police.

A man from Memphis incorrectly thought he was living a charmed life. The man was working with several casino dealers to steal money from the casinos, by getting them to pay him for late bets. Then latter on after they left work the dealers would meet up with him to split the take.

The man's name is Richard S. Taylor and on Thursday he found out he was not a charmed man. Police arrested Mr. Taylor and he is being charged with cheating at gambling, conspiracy to cheat the casinos and first degree larceny in two of Connecticut's casinos..

Mr. Taylor was not the only one arrested and charged as part of this scam. A dealer from the Foxwoods casinos Mattie Tarlton was also arrested. So far thirteen other people are suspected of being a part in this conspiracy to cheat casinos, and are being sought by the police for questioning.

Before being caught Taylor managed to steal almost $70,000 from two casinos in the Connecticut area. Police were onto this scam since December of 2007, and after gathering evidence they busted this cheating ring open.

Police all around the country have been cracking down on gambling related crimes, but these crimes usually consist of illegal slot and poker machines and back room casinos. The police rarely get a chance to track down and arrest casino cheats.

Many of America's casinos are located on Native American tribal lands and local police have no jurisdiction there, and the casinos that are in their jurisdiction the police are busy looking for other threats to the casinos like armed robberies and car thieves.

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