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Free Comps and Recession

by Collin Dowall
( November 25 2008 11:38:50 )
It was not that long ago that all you had to do was come to an Atlantic City Casino and gamble a few dollars on the slot machines are on of their table games and the casinos were giving you free rooms and free food, but now its not so easy.

In the past just for coming to a casino in Atlantic City once a month and playing two or three hundred dollars the casinos would comp you a room for a night or two, but now just gambling the amount of your comp is not enough to keep the casinos rolling out the red carpet for you.

Now you have to be a high roller who is at the casino all the time to get something out of them, or you need to win so big that they give you a room just to keep you in the casino to give them a chance to win their cash back.

Only two casinos have been trying to hand out more comps in an attempt to bring in more players. The move has brought their numbers up a bit, but it is still unclear if the new numbers cover all the comps the casino is giving away.

For now it appears that until the economy improves it is going to be harder to get a free room, a free meal or even a free drink at Atlantic City Casinos.


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