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Dealers Caught Cheating Casinos in Connecticut

by Sharon Gerad
( October 30 2008 14:43:0 )
Craps dealers and floor supervisors have been charged with cheating the casinos out of thousands of dollars at 2 of Connecticut's casinos

Twelve people have been taken into custody so far by the Connecticut states casino police unit. The twelve are all craps dealers and are suspected of colluding with players on the casino floor to cheat the casinos by allowing them to place let bets at the craps table and splitting the winnings later on

The scam involved dealers and supervisors and at least one player on the floor. So far only Richard Sequoia Taylor of Memphis Tennessee has been named by the police. The investigation involved workers at Foxwoods Resort Casino and the Mohegan Sun. the investigation started after an unnamed casino employee told a floor manager at Foxwoods that he had witnessed a craps dealer cheating

The police interrogated several of the casino employees that were suspected of being involved in the scam and several described the methods they used to cheat the casinos. The police then issued arrest warrants for 13 people. All those involved in the scheme have been fired from their jobs at the casinos and they are being charged with cheating at gambling and conspiracy to cheat at gambling. The twelve have also been ordered to have no contact at all with each other.

They are: Chandler Alfred Jr., a Foxwoods dealer; Johnny Baker, a dealer at Mohegan Sun; Joshua Cagle, a Foxwoods dealer; Tim Cahill, a table games manager at Foxwoods; David Kelley, a scheduling and floor manager at Foxwoods; Pierre Langlois, a manager at Foxwoods; Anthony Leyko, a dealer at Foxwoods; Brian Miller, a Foxwoods dealer; Roger Morris, a floor supervisor at Foxwoods; Steve Panarella, a dealer at Foxwoods; and Mattie Tarlton, also a Foxwoods dealer.

According to the police Taylor was in charge of the scam, he and several other players would place bets on high payout areas of the table after the results were already called by the dealer. The players and dealers would get together later in the evening and split the take.

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