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Depp Plays High Stake Poker on Set of Pirates of the Caribbean

by Mia Palermos
( September 10 2008 13:23:0 )
As if being a Hollywood big shot is not enough, Hollywood "A" list actor Johnny Depp can also put skilled poker player on his resume.

Johnny Depp is making claims that on the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean he managed to make a few dollars playing poker.

Depp says that during the shooting of the movie he played poker against the band We Were Scientists, and that he took the band for $28,000 that they have not yet paid to the actor.

Members of the band have not denied the accusations and their only comment were "Depp is accusing us of owing him $28,000. But we heard Orlando Bloom was $800,000 in debt to Depp," and that was from the bands singer Keith Murray

The members of We Were Scientists said that they lost so much money to Depp, because they were star struck and that Depp took advantage of the situation. This is what was reported on the Mirrir.co.uk website. Many things have been said about Depp during his career, but no one can accuse him of being a bad poker player.

According to Chris Cain the bassist in the band Depp seemed to love the fact that they were in a band like he always wanted to be a rock star. This was all before they started playing poker, after loosing all that money they were not in such a good mood.


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