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Dubai Gambling Den Raided Five Arrested

by Rammy Johnson
( August 31 2008 17:29:0 )
5 people were arrested in a raid on a suspected roof top casino

A Pakistani worker has been arrested and pleaded not guilty to running a gambling den on the rooftop of a local Dubai building and charging an entrance fee of DH 10 per person.

The 45 year old Pakistani is being held on charges of running a gambling den and allowing others to gamble on his property.

Another man associated with the gambling den is still at large and has been charged in connection with the rooftop casino.

The Pakistani man has only been identified as R A, is currently being held in police custody, and has pleaded not guilty to the presiding judge Dr Ali Al Galadari of the Dubai Court of First Instance.

A first corporal of the Dubai police gave testimony that the police was contacted by someone and told that the rooftop of a building in Naif was being used by Asians for Gambling purposes.

According to the officer, at the time of the raid they arrested 4 people who were gambling and R A, who was running the operation. During questioning R A claimed that he was paid to run the roof top casino while the owner was out of the country.

A first sergeant who was present during the raid said that the 4 men who were arrested at the roof top casino all confirmed that R A was running the casino and that he collected Dh 10 or about $2.75 from each of them

According to the prosecutors records of his interrogation the suspect admitted to collecting the money from the four gamblers but he said the money was to go to charity.

The verdict and sentencing will be handed down next month.

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