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Police Arrest Casino Follow Home Thieves

by Jack Reider
( December 9 2008 15:39:3 )
Three suspects have been taken into custody and are being charged with several charges of armed robbery. The thieves would follow people home from the casinos and would steal their money before the victims could enter their homes.

The actual robberies took place in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne, Los Angeles, Lake Forest and Mission Viejo. One of the three suspects arrested by police is currently a soldier in the U.S. Army.

The three men, ages 18 to 21, were arrested at around 1 AM Saturday morning after following a man to his Hollywood home from the Commerce Casino.

Detectives from the Orange County Sheriff's Department were watching one of the three suspects, and at the time of their arrest the police found a plastic toy gun that looked like a Glock handgun, a bullet proof vest and a U.S. Army issued vest in the car the suspects were driving in when they were stopped.

The men are suspected of being involved in more then 7 armed robberies that have taken place between September and December.

The crimes all seem to have the same MO. The robbers pick a mark and follow them home. Before they could get in their homes one of the thieves would walk up to their intended victim and demand their money. On several occasions when the victim was a woman they would just grab her purse and run, and during at least one robbery one of the three used an object to hit a woman in the back of the head before she could reach her elevator. All together these thieves stole around $20,000.

The police re4alised that the crooks were following them from the casinos when were they robbed a couple from Mission Viejo. After they reported the robbery to the police the police called the casino and reviewed the casinos security tapes and the tape showed three men dressed the same as the descriptions the victims gave follow the couple from the casino.

But the big break in the case came after they tried to rob a 66 year old man and the license plate of the car was captured by a near by security camera.

The car belonged to the Soldier and police followed the soldiers every move. After the police watched him and his two partners follow a man from a casino to his Hollywood home. The police moved in and made the arrest before they got to the man's home.


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