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U.K. based gambling affiliates to bid on Google Adwords

by Janice Windsor
( January 13 2009 14:35:55 )
Google has waived a green flag to U.K. based gambling affiliates to bid on Adword keywords.

An online press release reported that gambling sites which are registered with the U.K. Gambling Commission will be able to regain their privilege of bidding in Google search terms on Adwords.

Google’s AdWords is a pay-per-click feature which is solely meant to drive traffic and to have prospective clients reach the appropriate business sites though keyword hyperlinks.  The bidder who made the highest bid will have to pay Google the bid amount for every time the site is accessed through the hyperlink of the banner.

Google had in the past prohibited bidding by the gambling affiliates who were holding a valid operator’s license in the U.K., the Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney, and Tasmania.

In addition there was also a restriction by the company that they will not permit bidding on specific existing operator Adwords terminologies.

After the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 into US law, Google ceased to provide with ad space to online gambling operators and portals and they also removed the ads that were running then.

Income Access CEO Nicky Senyard stated in a press release “We are offering our partners an exclusive opportunity to capitalize on the AdWords for gaming in the U.K.,” he also added “Through our Affiliate Custom Tracking tools, U.K. gambling affiliates will be able to track their referrals right from when they acquire them via Adwords.”

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