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Proposed Gambling Amendment on The Books Of The Iowa Constitution

by Sharon Gerad
( February 8 2009 13:53:4 )
A proposal was forwarded to bring in some amendment in the books of the constitution regarding the building of a huge casino that was planned in Iowa.

The Senate’s Democratic Leader Scott Heidepriem of Sioux Falls is the main sponsor for this proposal; however, the leader clarified that the bill was not focused to authorize the building of a casino in Sioux Falls, but it was meant to prevent the building of the casino in Larchwood, Iowa, which is just a few miles away from the Sioux Falls region.

Heidepriem stated. "My goal is to not have any more gaming." "My desire is to see there are not any casinos in Larchwood and no casino in Sioux Falls."
However, the Senate Republican Leader Dave Knudson of Sioux Falls remarked that the proposal will have a huge impact in the gambling industry.  “Despite the penalty of the motivation, there is also an unrestrained growth in legalized gambling," Knudson stated.

A 6-3 vote was seen at the State Affairs Committee in agreement to put forward the proposal for the constitutional amendment to the Senate.
If the Legislature approves the proposal, the voters throughout the state will decide on a 2010 general election about whether to include the amendment in the South Dakota Constitution.

The proposal for the change in the constitutional amendment will permit the Legislature to approve "any kind of game of chance, lottery or gift enterprise" if it is required reasonably to oppose legal gambling in a surrounds of the state which will threaten the social well being of South Dakota. The legalization might permit such gambling only if the governor will intimate the lawmakers of a threat.



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