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Online Casino Ban VS Licensing and Regulation

by Joseph McNamarra
( August 21 2008 10:37:0 )
How does the UK's Licensing and regulation compare to the USA's Ban on Online Casino Gambling

While in the United States Hundreds of millions are being spend in unsuccessful attempts to enforce an online casino ban, in the United Kingdom regulated online casinos are permitted and it is working out exceptionally well.

The two biggest reasons that are given by anti gambling groups, who obviously support the ban on online casinos, are problem gamblers and the fear advertising will target minors. The problem is that history has proven that monitoring of something works much better then attempting to ban something.

Many online casinos based around the world have the freedom to advertise online casinos that accept American players. They can also target minors and make false claims, with absolutely no fear of government reprisal. The online casinos in the United Kingdom can not get away with this, they are required to be licensed, and they are heavily monitored by government agencies.

Before becoming licensed an online casino must agree to have all advertisements reviewed by the Advertising Standards Authority. Just recently an advertisement for an online bingo web site has been rejected for promoting employees to play while at work, and another ad was scrutinized for the use of the word free. They wanted to make sure that the offer was truly free with no hidden charges before allowing the advertisement to run.

The ASA will not allow any online casinos to put out an advertisement that is seen as pandering to minors or those with gambling problems. Thru licensing and regulation, Brittan has taken control over the aspects of online casinos that disturb many of its critics in the USA. Meanwhile online gambling is illegal in the USA but as strong as ever and it is very common for minors to access them.

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