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Gambling Bills Should Not Have Multiple Subjects

by Jack Reider
( January 26 2009 12:49:28 )
A Politician from Nebraska has discovered a brand new method in showing that he is not in favor or the casino gambling processes in his state.

One Nebraskan Senator is expressing his opposition of casino gambling by quoting a small point in the state establishment per the constitution which restricts the Bills proposed which do have more than one issue to be dealt at a time.

It is a debate put forward by Senator Tony Fulton of Lincoln relating to the issues that the gambling Bills that will allow slot machines in to the racetracks of Nebraska are invalid due to the fact that the gambling bills were presented with more than one subject.  He now puts forward that gambling bills with multiple subjects are unconstitutional. He explains his concerns in a legal confront related to the proposed Bill.

Per Fulton, the gambling bill relates to more than one subject.  It deals with providing authority to the gambling commission to standardize the machines.  It also deals with the positioning and placement of the machines, and it deals with making a system which will distribute the revenue from the slot machines. This gambling bill is considered as one with multiple subjects which Fulton states is unconstitutional per law.

In the legislative session for this year, lawmakers will discuss on whether the voters of Nebraska should be given a chance to express their opinions in this issue. If they decide to allow the public to vote on this issue it will be considered in the ballot of 2010.

Karpisek, of Wilber, is the one who sponsored the gambling Bill and he believes that there is nothing unconstitutional in it.

The intention of the Bill is to aid the state racetracks which have been stressed over the past few years.  The members of the racing community have expressed their apprehensions, and Senator Russ Karpisek has responded to it.

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