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Protection of Gambling Vulnerable Children and People

by Nicole Smith
( January 13 2009 13:38:21 )
Andrew Burnham, the U.K. Cultural secretary authorized a decision to relax the limits on slot machines.

The latest guidelines for slot machines, the land based casino, clubs and pubs can now receive wagers to a maximum limit of $1.47 and give away the pay off to the new maximum set limit of $102.88.

The newly authorized limits on slots are twice the limits that were legally permitted.  The acceptable wager limit in the past was 74 cents in maximum and the pay offs was $51.47 in maximum.

The new authorization on the limits in slots have created brow raising concerns among analysts who fear gambling addiction owing to the overall global money meltdown and job cuts.

Increased number of job cuts is likely to trigger people to gamble on these attractive wager limits and pay offs in a hope to create a supplementary income to meet with their bills.

The saddest thing that can happen is that people will likely chase their losses in situations where they have played with their household money meant for regular expenditure.

“Britain has nearly a third of a million problem gamblers per Game Care, and we would not want that to increase.” said Drew.

The new limits can be a temptation for problem gamblers to bet more and play more.

Very soon, we might witness growing numbers of slot machines across pubs and clubs where they are going to be doing this in an aim to earn more. The crowd around these slot machines is likely to be that of the innocent students who are yet to graduate from school.

“The protection of children and vulnerable people is at the heart of the Gambling Act and this remains our priority,” per a spokesman.


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