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Germans Play Poker Online at Own Risk

by Jack Reider
( September 24 2008 16:11:0 )
Germany has banned online poker for real money and those who go against the law do so at their own risk.

Playing poker over the internet for real money is against the law in Germany, and those who choose to play poker for money could theoretically if found guilty could do some time in jail.

But the real problem that Germans face when playing poker online is that if the online poker sites do not pay them they have no recourse, because they are involved in an illegal activity and the providers are located in foreign countries.

According to German lawyer Michael Terhaag, "generally players have no legal options for suing to get their money back," the expert in internet law told the Hamburg-based Computer Bild Spiele.

Players should be made aware that they are playing at their own risk and that if they choose a dishonest poker room there is nothing they can do. He also said that as far as he knows no Germans have been charged as of yet for playing poker online.

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