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NY Giants Favored in Super Bowl 43

by Joseph McNamarra
( January 4 2009 13:34:21 )
The 12 teams that will compete for the right to play in the Super Bowl have all been decided and according to the Laws Vegas sports books, the NY Giants have the best chance of taking it 2 years in a row.

The Tennessee Titans have been picket as having the best chance in the AFC followed up by the Pittsburg Steelers, but everyone seems to agree that in the NFC it will be the New York Giants.

The giants have a bye for the first week of the playoffs, and then they will go up against either the Cardinals or the Falcons. Vegas Sports Books have set the odds and 40 to 1 for the cardinals winning the Super Bowl and 15 to 1 for the Falcons.

The Giants in the NFC are the favorites to win right now because they are just playing much better this year then the teams they have to go up against to get to the Super Bowl, whereas the AFC teams are much more closely matched so where the Titans are the favorites its not by that much.

At the beginning of the football season the sports books gave the Titans much worse odds then several other teams, but because of their performance during the season now the bookie think that the Titans will be in the Super Bowl, but they believe the Giants will win the game.

The Executive Director of the Race and Sports Book at the Las Vegas Hilton says that there is a very small difference between the Titans and the Steelers, but that the Steelers are favored because of the popularity of the Steelers with those players placing bets.

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