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Golden Casino Jackpots Delayed- Big Money for Future Winner

by Joseph McNamarra
( August 27 2009 15:16:33 )
Golden casino is not going to pay the jackpot right now, rather they are going to let it continue and perhaps the future winner is going to be pretty lucky to make that big prize.

Well, it is not uncommon for progressive slots and related jackpots to be delayed in their payouts for some reason or the other; either because they are trying to make the money pool big or for some other reasons of trying to earn the name of being the casino that has provided with the highest jackpot ever.  This was very common with progressive jackpots that would pay millions.  Now, it is with the Golden Casino.

For some, it is a bad news because they expected the split and sharing and winner declaration soon; however, for those who have not played the sufficient coins it can be good news, because they can try playing over again. The delay can mean another chance and of course more money, if they win.

Golden Casino has scheduled the delay to break its own record breaking million $2.4 million earlier this week.  Several casinos try not to offer progressives specifically in slots because they sense that they are paying way too big money to the player.

Well, Golden Casino is not too greedy about paying off very big jackpots because they are going to equally make some business from the competition too. People are going to compete more when the prize is big. This is indeed the logic behind the delay.
With summer months and low business in all other casino games, holding on their progressive slots payoff to make it an even more interesting number is a good idea.

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