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New Government Brings Hope for Online Casinos

by Renaldo Micheals
( December 30 2008 12:6:1 )
Many people are pinning their hopes of legalized online casino gambling on President Elect Obama.

Those who oppose online gambling have been winning the war over the last few years, but with the change of the administration hopes are rising quickly that the pro online gambling side will turn the tides very soon and those who are involved in the gambling industry can not be happier about this.

One of the biggest Proponents for a legalized and regulated online casino and online gambling industry in the USA is Congressmen Barney Frank from Massachusetts. He has been trying to fight the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act since it was first proposed, but no one seemed to be listening.

As the year is about to end Americans are celebrating ridding themselves of this old government and welcoming in a new leader and no one is looking forward to this more then those involved in the online casino industry.

In what some people is saying was the most underhanded trick the current government had used during its administration was attaching a ban on online casinos and gambling to a border security bill. They also spend more then two years trying to define the new laws that cover online gambling but have been so far unsuccessful.

With the current economical downturn going on in the USA the new government will not have time or the money needed to enforce these rules, and by reversing them the country can bring in some much needed revenue to help the struggling economy.

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