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Grandfather Fakes Kidnapping for the Ransom

by Renaldo Micheals
( November 10 2008 12:8:0 )
A 53 year old man fakes his and his 14 month old grandsons kidnapping in an attempt to get money for the Slot Machines.

In an attempt to get money to feed his gambling addiction a Chinese man faked the kidnapping of himself and his 14 month old grandson. He then had someone call the parents and demand ransom money from the child's parents for their safe return.

The boy's dad owns a small market in Madrid and went to the police to report that his son and his father have been kidnapped on October 28th in the early morning hours.

The family received a call demanding 50,000 Euros from a woman for the safe return of the child and his grandfather.

The man said a woman had called another family member to demand 50,000 euros (65,000 dollars) for their safe return.

A second call was placed after several hours, and the alleged kidnapper put the childs grandfather on the phone with his son.

The grandfather told his son that he was being made to demand money from his captors according to a police statement to the press.

The grandfather, known only as Yimei L eventually called again and said that he had escaped, but that he needed the money still to release the 14 month old child or the kidnappers would kill the child.

The police picked up the man and took him to the police station for questioning. Yimei eventually confessed that the entire kidnapping was a hoax. His accomplice was eventually caught by the police after she left the baby in a shopping cart, and witnesses called the police.

Police are convinced that the female companion came up with the idea to get money from the family so they could use the money to play the Slot Machines.

The pair will face charges over this incident.

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