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Las Vegas USA Online Casino Celebrating 10th Anniversary

by Jack Reider
( November 8 2009 15:36:0 )
Las Vegas USA Casino Online are Celebrating their 10th anniversary in the online casino business.

Celebrations ideally include interesting bonuses as a mark of happiness and thanks given to players who have kept the site up and alive for so long and also as a method to bring in new players to the casino.

The Anniversary is a mark of reliability, which is indeed a record of having been in business for so many years.  A decade in the business is really a good reason for celebration and a good method of advertising the reliability of one’s business.

Las Vegas USA Casino are providing their players with 5 cash-able bonuses that are worthy of $2250!

They are also providing with weekly promotions which is 30% on the first deposit of the players.  Some of them who make their deposits through Money Order or eWalletXpress are going to get an additional bonus of 10%.  The basic minimum deposit is affordable at only $25. The maximum deposit is $450. Bonuses can be claimed before the players make their deposits by entering in the bonus codes. The promotion section in the website will give the details for all the codes.

There are other promotions running in the site. After players have used the 5 deposits claim, then can try the Super Sunday offer of they can try the Super Tuesday offer.  The players are going to be eligible for 60% credits for all the deposits which are being made on Wednesday. There are bonuses for everyday in a week. Enjoy the Anniversary Promotions!



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