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Little Chance of Legal Gambling in Kansas in 2009

by Sharon Gerad
( February 4 2009 11:6:41 )
The options for legal action in 2009 to restructure the casino law of Kansas took an unambiguous worse turn on Tuesday.

Mike O’Neal, the speaker of the house and Melvin Neufeld, the chairperson of the committee who is handling the gambling legislation proceeds, stated they did not have any intent to restart the debate over the controversial issue.

If the bill for gambling legislation did arrive at the floor, “I would be interested in repealing” the existent casino law which was authorized in 2007, stated O’Neal, a Republican based in Hutchinson.

The subject has animated itself up in the past few days after legalization was brought up by Julie Menghini, the Democratic Representative based in Pittsburg who targets to reinstate the interests of the gaming industry in the state of Kansas.

Menghini’s gambling legislation bill is based on bringing down the state tax rates in a way to ease out the monetary requisites for casinos and slot machine operators.

Menghini also stated the she was not taken over by the reaction of the GOP leadership, “but I’d like to know where else they think we’re going to find some more money. No one seems to have the stomach to say the T-A-X word.” remarked Menghini.

A number of gambling developments throughout the statewide envisage per the 2007 law have declined by the pavement, this is because of the tax provisions and also the massive sum of money casino developers would be required to put up in advance.

The law brought up in 2007 “didn’t work,” remarked Menghini, therefore “let’s try something that will work. … We have an income source in gambling that we’re not taking benefit of because we’ve put up so many roadblocks to it.”

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