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Let Texan Voters Decide On Gambling At Casinos

by Rammy Johnson
( March 3 2009 16:5:17 )
Texas is a big state of hurricanes, influenced currently by the economic currents. The pressure on the state budget is also up with every decline in the economy.

Examine the parking lots at legal gaming establishments across the border to the north and east and you will be able to see the Texas license plates. And this is where lot of tax dollars are leaving Texas and are being given to state and local budgets of other states. If you are in agreement with that, you’re in a defensible disposition. "We don't need dirty gambling dollars" was the rule of law in Texas for a very long time.

However, analysts feel that it makes sense to have voters decide on it. Prior to the Indian casinos in Oklahoma or the established riverboats in Louisiana or when Nevada was about to develop casinos, the voters were give the right to decide.

Now, an average Texans' gambling opportunities have grown multifold. And within the borders of the state there are lottery and horse racing, which are both, forms of gambling and Texans don’t mind driving to pay for it.
Texas gamblers have options to gamble and they are going to use it. For someone who prefers slot machines or card tables will execute their will out of state. Many of them prefer to wager their gambling dollars in Texas and keep the tax benefits to their own state, rather than driving 3 ½ -hours to Shreveport. Makes Sense, Let Texans decide.


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