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Live Dealers at Online Casinos

by Jack Reider
( August 19 2008 15:4:0 )
Online Casinos making moves to switch from computer dealers to live people

Many people are hesitant to gamble their money in an online casino because they lack trust in the online casino software, despite the fact that online casinos are licensed in their host countries and are held to the same standards and the casinos in the United States. This will no longer be an issue thanks to the fact that several online casinos are switching to live dealers.

This newest move by some online casinos could change the way millions of Americans see the online casino industry. Having a live dealer gives the game the feel of a more credible and honest atmosphere, and gives the players an experience closer to that of a land based casino.

According to the CEO of one of the online casinos using live casino dealers this is just a natural progression from an RNG based system to a live dealer. As technology improves so will the methods used by online casinos to bring their customers a better product. With the majority of homes now having broadband connections and new high quality live video the option of using a live dealer is now a good option that was unavailable just a few years ago.

By using the live dealers they have managed to break the barriers and have managed to make their casinos into trusted and respected names in the online casino community. Players are able to play games like Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Roulette and baccarat with a live dealer. The dealer is located in the Fitzwilliam Casino and uses Distance gaming Technology.


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