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Pop Legend Michael Jackson To Open A Casino in Las Vegas

by Jack Reider
( June 7 2009 15:50:59 )
Will the thriller casino be a hit at least in Las Vegas?

Legendary Pop Singer Michael Jackson is set to open a “Thriller” Casino in Las Vegas. 
The Sin City might house the casino owned by Michael Jackson in 2010.  The Thriller casino is likely to be based on the Zombie Theme from one of the pop stars big hits.

A Zombie is a mythical creature and the theme was decided upon due to the remarkably famous song and music video by Michael Jackson.  The theme of the new casino is inspired by the success of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which was a 13-minute music video. Thriller was not a conventional video; it was a full-fledged mini-film which choreographed zombies performing with Jackson.

It should be noted that Jackson is already in debt by more then 100 million dollars. Several of his former associates are repeatedly suing him for several reasons.  This debt was part of the reason he was forced to sell his Neverland Ranch in 2008.

The expected investment for the thriller casino might be from the “This Is It” London concert, which will start in July 2009. The pop star is expecting to make100 million pounds from this concert.

He is also working on several projects including a new album, movies, a museum that will showcase items, which are representative of his career, all while he will be on a three-year world tour.

Time and again it has been seen that anything the pop star ventures in to projects trouble.  He is entering Sin City when the industry is at an all time down.  We are yet to witness the scene ahead.  Let’s wait and see what the thriller casino will have in store for the pop stars future.



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