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Thirty Sixth Name Added to Nevadas Little Black Book

by Sharon Gerad
( September 23 2008 14:27:0 )
After being arrest for cheating in several casinos in Las Vegas the State Gaming Commission of Vegas adds the 36th name to its book of banned persons.

After spending time in prison in the 1980's on charges of casino fraud, William Cushing is once again being charged with cheating casino slot machines and will be added to Nevada's "Black Book" of people banned from all of Nevada's casinos.

Cushing's case was discussed by the State Gaming Commission in Vegas on Thursday night. After only 15 minutes it was decided that Cushing would have his name added to the list of people who are banned from entering any of the states casinos. The list is officially called the States List of Excluded Persons, but is commonly referred to as the Black Book.

The Accused, who was absent from the Commission meeting was recommended to the council after he was formally charged with trying to use a device to cheat at the slot machines of two Las Vegas Casinos last year.

Including Cushing the black book now has 36 names in it. If someone on the list is caught in a casino he can be charged with felony charges. If a casino knowingly allows a banned player into the casino the casinos executives can also be charged with felony charges.

After being caught trying to use a device to cheat the slot machines in two casinos in 2007 Cushing was arrested and brought up on charges. According to the charges he inserted a device into the slot machines bill reader, the device makes the slot machine think that one dollar bills are one hundred dollar bills. He would then cash out and make ninety nine dollars each time he did this.

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