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Ohio Casino Gambling Still An Issue

by Jack Reider
( July 26 2009 14:22:9 )
Ohio is likely to legalize casino style gambling. Much of the details relating to the holdup in the process are being kept secret.

Per Kolodziej, the governor did require an authorization for the lottery terminals as a move to add some power to the legal standing of the government.  The leaders in the senate initially required Ted Strickland to just issue an executive order which would permit the same.

A new state budget was on during July 01, 2009 and it was then when the governor declared the proposal for the lottery terminal at around June 19, 2009.  At the same time there were alternative proposals for the budget from Murray; however, with just 11 days left for the budget, there was not really enough time to consider and rework on alternatives.

The petition aimed at legalizing casinos in 4 major cities Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo. However, Murray has to say “There's lot of problems with the signatures."

Though the legalization has found its way to a voting session, it is pretty much unlikely that it will be approved. Chances are most likely that the voters might think that it is enough for the time being.

The supporters of the legalization are working hard to have their petition win by trying to get it approved in the ballot this fall.

The Ohio Council of Churches is working to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court to prevent the slot machines from being installed in state operated racetracks.

The casino gambling permission provided by Dennis Murray J. in Sandusky seems to be temporarily in soup.  It might revive in the future though.


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