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Pennsylvania Goes Smoke Free but Casinos get Partial Exemption

by Jack Reider
( September 8 2008 17:23:0 )
Starting on September 11th the new Pennsylvania smoking ban goes into effect.

As of Thursday September 11th smoking will be banned in work places, malls and most indoor public places in Pennsylvania. This is a common move that has been taking place not only across the country but many countries like England and Ireland have a ban on smoking in bars and other public places.

People are happy for the most part about the details of the smoking ban, but many are saying the ban is not enough.

According to the rules of the smoking ban any bar that food sales total less then 20 percent of their total income are allowed to continue to allow smoking in the bar.

Smoking is also allowed in private clubs that require membership, like a country club or private golf course.

Smoking is still permitted in hotels in as many as 25 percent of the rooms.

The biggest complaint has been over the fact that casinos are still allowed to permit smoking on 25 percent of the casino floor, and believe it or not the ones complaining the loudest are casinos.

The casinos in New Jersey are upset because they are not allowed to have smoking at all, and they lost many players to Pennsylvania's casinos where they could still smoke, and were hoping that after the smoking ban their customers would return.

Now they are worried that they will lose even more players to Pennsylvanian casinos.

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