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Penny Slots Make Big Comeback

by Jack Reider
( September 15 2008 17:56:0 )
Connecticut casinos are bringing back the penny slots to counter the crumbling economy and bring more players back to the casinos.

A report is due out today that will reveal if Foxwoods Resort Casino and the Mohegan Sun are still losing money every month because of a bad economy and people changing spending habits. 

Recent trends show that people are still trying to win big in the casino, but they are trying to save money at the same time, by playing the casinos lowest denomination machines. Here is a breakdown of what Slot Machines were the big hit in July compared to the same time last year.

Since July of 2007 Foxwoods has added 48 percent more penny slot machines bringing the total number to 1,653, up from 1,111. The Mohegan Sun has 1,913 penny slot machines on their casino floor this July which is 600 more then the same time last year or an increase of 46 percent more penny slot machines on their casino floor.

Even though the over all amount of money people are spending in the casino and what they spent at this time last year has dropped by more then 44 million dollars, the amount spent on the penny slot machines has gone up substantially.

At the Foxwoods Resort Casino, the amount spent on the penny slot machines haqs gone up 51 percent. Last July the Penny Slots brought in 94 million dollars and this year in July they brought in 141.5 million dollars.

During that same time period the Slot patrons at the Mohegan Sun spent 32 percent on the penny slots during this summer then the summer of 2007. In 2007 players played 174.1 million dollars on the one cent machines, and they spent 230 million dollars this summer.

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