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Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Penalized $500,000

by Jack Reider
( July 12 2009 9:59:43 )
Illegal night club costs $500,000 in fines to Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

An illegally operated nightclub on the premises of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino was noted to be carelessly watched on. And this required the Nevada Gambling Regulators to impose fine on the resort.

The night club in question had already been ordered to make some changes; however, the resort did not implement any changes.  The resort has however agreed to be liable to pay an additional $250,000 if the required changes were not made in the proceeds of the night club there in.

The night club is run by some other management with the leased space from the resort.  The remittance of the payment is accepted on the condition of newer complaints being made about illegal activities in the night club with due proof to the Nevada Gambling Regulators.

The resort is the first of its kind to have accepted liability for faults for some incidences which has not occurred in the operations run by its ownership.  They have leased it though.  Though the resort does not have an ownership of the process, since they have leased the property, the resort does still hold some regulatory duties over the proceeds that might be permitted there.  So, it is their duty to impose control on such actions taking place there inside their premises.

In the past the Planet Hollywood Security team was not able to enter in without the accompaniment of the leased night-club’s members; however, in the current scenario they can get in to the night club without any accompaniment from anyone there.


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